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Importing Demo Contents

Want to build your site like the demo? You can do it with only one click!

** Note: Before proceeding, please remember that when you are done with the action-recommended plugin. So it is highly recommended that you should only do this on a fresh site. **** Note: Before demo import from pages all pages should be deleted **

First please make sure that Klano Parent Theme is activated on your site.From the Admin menu, navigate to Appearance -> Import Demo Data.

On this page, Click on the Import Demo Data button for installing the Content.It will take some time for importing the demo contents. Please note: Most of the images are replaced with placeholder images because of licensing.After importing demo data, please upload another JSON file from the demo-data folder.This json file for Wishlist settigns:

After wishlist json file upload. Selected Wishlist page if are not selected this page.

After importing demo data, please update your permalink. To update the permalink, navigate to Settings -> Permalink and then click on the Save Settings button.

If you face any issues, please contact us: at themeholy@gmail.com

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